{The Kelly’s Christmas Sessions} Charlotte | Rock Hill | Family Photographer

I am always so excited to photograph this family.  Not only are they up for just about anything, they are all beautiful!  We always have so much fun.  5Q0A5191 5Q0A5248 5Q0A5302 5Q0A5326 5Q0A5375 5Q0A5385 5Q0A5393 5Q0A5866 5Q0A5868 5Q0A5871 5Q0A5875 5Q0A5912 5Q0A5951 5Q0A5967 5Q0A5983 5Q0A5991 5Q0A6018 5Q0A6034 5Q0A6046 5Q0A6083 5Q0A6099 5Q0A6102 5Q0A6119


{Shaina’s Senior Session} Rock Hill | Clover High School Senior

I had a wonderful time working with Shaina. She made this photo shoot so much fun! She was new to the experience of getting her photo taken, but once we got started, she bloomed like a spring flower. Her and I planned and mapped out all that will take place for this shoot. Little did we know at one point of the shoot, we were standing near fire ant hills! Haha, all in the days work of shooting outdoors. Mother Nature loves giving you a challenge here and there, but never the less, we had a terrific time. I look forward to working with her once again, whether that is her in front of the camera, or behind the scenes. Take a look, and see what becomes of a person when they can just express themselves in a photograph or two!


A song in her soul, and a smile on her face.

5Q0A5496 5Q0A5514 5Q0A5552 5Q0A5577

Paparazzi hiding in the bushes to get a sneak peek.

5Q0A5599 5Q0A5655 5Q0A5660 copy

Smiling away she is.

5Q0A5704 5Q0A5751

The wind helped us out on this one.

5Q0A5829 5Q0A5851

So, we found this broken down truck in the junk yard. Who knew you could find it sitting there with this kind of scenery.

5Q0A5867 5Q0A5887

Fun Fact: Old school truck = Old school windows. Crank it.



The perks of being in a small town.


5Q0A6115 copy copy

Last, but not least.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of photos for Shaina’s senior session! See other senior photo shoots and more on Lillysnaps.

(Brittany’s Boudoir Session) | Charlotte Boudoir & Senior Photographer

Wow!  Is just about all I can say.  I have photographed Brittany many times before but these have to be my best and most favorite images.  She was a trooper!  The session lasted almost 5 hours and we shot in two different locations.  We just couldn’t stop (not all last that long.)   As soon as I got home I started processing.  I wanted her images to have a little different look than most of my other sessions.  I really wanted MOOD.  Thanks again Brittany for choosing me to be your photographer…hope Michael likes them!!5Q0A1101 copy 2 5Q0A1181 copy 2 5Q0A1207 copy 2 5Q0A1365 copy 2 5Q0A1391 copy 2 5Q0A1430 copy 2 5Q0A1431 copy 2 5Q0A1454 copy 2 5Q0A1468 copy 2 5Q0A1495 copy 2 5Q0A1500 copy 2 5Q0A1502 copy 2 5Q0A1666 copy 2

Sweet Baby Boy | Charlotte, Rock Hill Infant Photographer

What a cutie!  Mr. Conner looks just like his big sis.  I still can’t believe that head of hair.  5Q0A5284 copy 2 5Q0A5279 copy 2 5Q0A5316b&w copy 2

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